The Mr Puppy Team

Mr Puppy UK is brought to you by a small team of kinksters and pet players who share a common view of the kink and fetish communities as a supportive brotherhood, and a common love of the Pups & Handlers community. We call ourselves “The Mr Puppy Team”, and we create and run the annual contest as well as support and promote the title holder and his initiatives throughout the year. We believe in community service and in being in contribution to others, and we dedicate ourselves to promoting the fun of the pup community.

After their title years are complete, outgoing Mr Puppy UK title holders are invited to join the Mr Puppy Team if they wish to continue to contribute to the community, and help their successors reach further and do more.

We’re all volunteers, and though we’re busiest in the months leading up to the annual contest, we’re active year-round in the pup community.


1st Runner-Up, Mr Puppy Europe 2015

Brock is a leather man and musical wolf pup from East London and has been active on the scene since 2013. He was one of the pups representing the UK in the very first Mr Puppy Europe contest in 2015, finishing in second place and bringing the UK its first silver medal from that contest. He launched Mr Puppy UK that same year with Kitty Rony and Pup Diesel. Active in both the Pup and Leather communities and with a particular affinity for events and shows, he’s also competed for Mr Leather UK 2016 and 2017. He has judged Mr Puppy UK 2015-16 and 2017, Mr Puppy Europe 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, Mr Puppy Netherlands 2017, Mr Puppy France 2017, and Mr Leather UK 2018. He has hosted both the first Best in Show pup contest during Recon’s Fetish Week London in 2016 and the Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2018 Contest. In August 2016, he was one of three pups featured on the cover of DirtyBoyz magazine for their summer pup special, and he was one of the cover models for the official magazine for UK Leatherpride that same year. From 2016 to 2018, he was invited to be a show dog during the Prowler Awards, performing alongside the hosts and prize recipients and bringing a puppy presence to the stage. Bringing information about pup play to a national audience, he was featured on BBC Radio 5 in 2018 to discuss pup play and the UK's Pups & Handlers scene. He was also the first pup to be shown, as a pup, on national television in the 2015 documentary The Secret World of Tinder, followed by a feature in the 2016 documentary Secret Life of the Human Pups. When he’s not on stage, he’s got his paws full training his own pups, and can often be found at kink and pup events across the UK and Europe. That, and, he loves being on stage!

Brock is President of the Mr Puppy Team, and Vice-Chairman of the Mr Puppy Europe Organising Committee.

Kitty Rony

Rony’s a kitty from South London. The odd one out in our world, he nonetheless enjoys the fun of the pup / pet play scene! Originally brought in to judge the first Mr Puppy Europe contest in 2015, he ended up stage managing it at the last minute. The contest gave us all ideas and Mr Puppy UK was launched that year together with Pup Brock and Pup Diesel. A fetish cat who gets along well with pups, he’s active in the Pup community, and has a liking for shows and events, working in the shadows and having organised / stage managed Mr Puppy Europe 2015 and 2016, as well as run Mr Puppy UK 2015-16. He also helped run Recon’s first Best in Show contest, as a part of Fetish Week London 2016 and spent time in the Pup Area at Full Fetish! He also judged Mr Puppy France 2017 and Mr Puppy Netherlands 2018.

Kitty is Chair of the Mr Puppy Europe Organising Committee.


Eddie is a rubber man who’s been active in the international gay scene since 1999 including assisting and marching at Prides. And since 2006, in the UK in the straight/mixed and gay fetish communities. Eddie is the administrator of the London Rubbermen and the most experienced bondage expert of the London Wolfpack – the organisers of one of Recon’s Fetish Week London most popular recurring events: The Bondage Masterclass. Eddie has also judged the first Best in Show pup contest in 2016 then hosted by Brock. Eddie is a strong believer in creating a safe environment for new joiners and seasoned kinksters to experience fetish in their own way. He has also provided support to different causes throughout the years including fundraising for various charities and other noble causes. Outside of kink, Eddie is a typical London city lad who truly enjoys travelling and meeting new people, a caring family member, and the proud owner of two bio dogs.

Zentai Spot

Mr Puppy UK 2015/16, 2nd Runner-Up Mr Puppy Europe 2016

Spot, quite possibly the most recognisable human Dalmatian in the country, was the first Mr Puppy UK, and when he handed over his title to Piglet, he joined the Mr Puppy Team to help continue the work and continue contributing to the community. In his title year, he quickly established Mr Puppy UK both in the pup community and in the national media on television and in print. He's been an enthusiastic pup for years, and loves helping share the joy of being pup with others – and also, share the joy of his adventures in bondage and electro! In addition to being Mr Puppy UK, Spot also competed at Mr Puppy Europe in 2016, bringing home the UK's first bronze and second medal overall from that contest. Spot has judged Mr Puppy UK 2017 and Mr Puppy Europe 2018, Ms Puppy UK 2018, and was the Adjudicator for the Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2019 Contest.


Mr Puppy UK 2017, 2nd Runner-Up Mr Puppy Europe 2017

Piglet, who succeeded to the title from Spot, joined the Mr Puppy Team in 2017 after the completion of his very successful title year! A whiz with social media, Piglet's focus has always been on making sure that an element of fun and play is present in the pup community – especially since he's almost always at the heart of that fun! Piglet helped host Mr Leather UK 2018 and co-hosted the Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2019 Contest, and was a show dog during the Prowler Awards in 2017 and 2018. Piglet also judged Mr Puppy UK 2018, the inaugural Ms Puppy UK 2018, and Mr Puppy Europe 2019. When he's not engaged in pup business, Piglet can often be found out and about at events across the country, and you'll recognise him easily when you see him!


Mr Puppy Europe 2019, Mr Puppy UK 2018, 2nd Runner-Up Mr Puppy Europe 2018

Buumi is easily one of the most distinctive pups in the country - look for the mirrored pup hood! - and is also one of the most distinguished. Being the first UK pup to hold two titles, Mr Puppy UK and Mr Puppy Europe, and being the only UK pup to date to be elected to the Mr Puppy Europe title, Buumi is a pup with a great capacity to contribute, and a great heart. He is the organiser of the monthly Club Scritches pup event in Birmingham, and is a regular feature at Prides and pup events across the country. Buumi has judged Mr Puppy UK 2019 and the LA Pup Contest 2018.

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