The Mr Puppy Team

Mr Puppy UK is brought to you by a small team of kinksters and pet players who share a common view of the kink and fetish communities as a supportive brotherhood, and a common love of the Pups & Handlers community. We call ourselves “The Mr Puppy Team”, and we create and run the annual contest as well as support and promote the title holder and his initiatives throughout the year. We believe in community service and in being in contribution to others, and we dedicate ourselves to promoting the fun of the pup community.

We’re all volunteers, and though we’re busiest in the months leading up to the annual contest, we’re active year-round in the pup community.

Pup Brock

Brock’s a leather man and musical wolf pup from East London and has been active on the scene for several years. He was one of the pups representing the UK in the very first Mr Puppy Europe contest in 2015, finishing in second place and bringing the UK its first silver medal from that contest, and launched Mr Puppy UK that same year with Kitty Rony and Pup Diesel. Active in both the Pup and Leather communities and with a particular affinity for events and shows, he’s also competed for Mr Leather UK 2016 and 2017. He has judged Mr Puppy UK 2015-16 and 2017, Mr Puppy Europe 2016 and 2017, Mr Puppy Netherlands 2017, and Mr Puppy France 2017, and hosted the first Best in Show pup contest during Recon’s Fetish Week London in 2016. He was also the first pup to be shown, as a pup, on national television in the 2015 documentary The Secret World of Tinder. When he’s not on stage, he’s got his paws full training his own pup, MikePaws, and can often be found at kink and pup events across the UK and Europe. That, and, he loves being on stage!

Kitty Rony

Rony’s a kitty from South London. The odd one out in our world, he nonetheless enjoys the fun of the pup / pet play scene! Originally brought in to judge the first Mr Puppy Europe contest in 2015, he ended up stage managing it at the last minute. The contest gave us all ideas and Mr Puppy UK was launched that year together with Pup Brock and Pup Diesel. A fetish cat who gets along well with pups, he’s active in the Pup community, and has a liking for shows and events, working in the shadows and having organised / stage managed Mr Puppy Europe 2015 and 2016, as well as run Mr Puppy UK 2015-16. He also helped run Recon’s first Best in Show contest, as a part of Fetish Week London 2016 and spent time in the Pup Area at Full Fetish!

Pup Diesel

I’ve been playing puppy for a good 7 years now and every single day I’m still learning something new and amazing. I love pup play, I love how it makes me feel, I love the people I meet through it and I want to make sure as many people as possible get to see how that feels. I’ve advocated for it on two different national TV programmes in two different countries, I’ve marched in pride, I’ve done fundraisers with puppy groups in two continents, I’ve given radio interviews and I’ve been an absolute camera whore for the internet every chance I get in the hope that someone out there will see it or hear it and think ‘yeah, that looks like something I should try’. I think the next step is to get us an official role model. Let’s give our community and the fetish we love a face!

Diesel remains a part of the team, but has moved abroad to marry the man of his dreams! While he is not currently involved in maintaining the title or organising this year's election, he remains with us always in spirit, of course, and we can't wait to have him back with his husband for a visit!

Zentai Spot

Spot, quite possibly the most recognisable human Dalmatian in the country, was the first Mr Puppy UK, and when he handed over his title to Piglet, he joined the Mr Puppy Team to help continue the work and continue contributing to the community. In his title year, he quickly established Mr Puppy UK both in the pup community and in the national media on television and in print. He's been an enthusiastic pup for years, and loves helping share the joy of being pup with others – and also, share the joy of his adventures in bondage and electro! In addition to being Mr Puppy UK, Spot also competed at Mr Puppy Europe in 2016, bringing home the UK's first bronze and second medal overall from that contest.

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