The Title

Mr Puppy UK is the kink and fetish community's Mister title designated to advocate for the Pups & Handlers community of the UK, both at home and abroad, and to represent UK pups at local and international events and contests. The title holder, who volunteers his time and service, is elected annually by public vote and by representatives of national and international pup and fetish organisations, chosen from among community volunteers and organisational leaders. He is chosen in the late autumn to serve for the subsequent full calendar year, and his designated year is the year of his title (that's why the contest held in 2018 will elect the title holder for 2019).

Our Vision

Our vision is to create and promote a fun, safe, and inclusive pup community that's joyful for all. We encourage our Mr Puppy UK to help us advance this vision, and we work with him in order to achieve it.

Being Mr Puppy UK isn't about being a better pup, or being more pup. It isn't about being a winner, or about who is and who isn't in the community, and it isn't about determining who is a pup and who isn't. In fact, it isn't a comparison of any kind with anyone else at all. It's about making a commitment to stand for a fun and inclusive community, and to work towards the good of the community and to be in service to others. It's about believing in others and helping them feel comfortable to step forward and explore their pup selves. Mr Puppy UK isn't the country's "best pup". He is the pup who has been recognised with a title in recognition of his intention to offer himself in service to others, and the meaning and significance behind his title is the positive contribution he makes to the community.

The pup who holds the title has the freedom to make of it what he wishes, to focus on the areas that are important to him within the greater aim of promoting and supporting the UK's Pups & Handlers community as well as the other kink and fetish communities. He will have plenty of support, not only from the Mr Puppy Team behind the title but also from other pups and kinksters who believe as we do that we are all one united brotherhood. And we encourage him to make his mark on the community in a way that's meaningful and important to him.

Guiding Principles

We believe in a community based on unity and joy. We believe in pups, and that pups deserve a community which encourages this. To this end, we work to a set of seven guiding principles, that form the basis of what we do and what we offer. Rather than being rules or instructions, these principles outline our beliefs, and our work, and the work of the Mr Puppy UK title-holders, advances these principles for our team and whoever is elected to hold the Mr Puppy UK title.

These principles are:

  • Mr Puppy is organised by the community, comes from the community, and exists for the community.
  • Mr Puppy title-holders are members of the global kink and fetish community, in accordance with the Leather subculture.
  • Mr Puppy title-holders are Misters, in accordance with the standard and example set by International Mister Leather and Mister International Rubber.
  • Mr Puppy title-holders are pups, in accordance with the practices of puppy play.
  • Mr Puppy title-holders are community representatives, and as such are elected by the community, as represented by Mister title-holders and leading figures in their community.
  • Mr Puppy title-holders are kink-friendly and sex-positive, and operate within and with the confidence of the gay community.
  • Mr Puppy title-holders are community advocates, and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner reflecting well on their communities, and in a manner supportive of the people, organisations, societies, and companies that support their communities.

As such, Mr Puppy UK proudly supports and operates within the Pups & Handlers community, the Kink & Fetish community, and the LGBT+ community.

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