Mr Puppy UK 2015 & 2016 - Zentai Spot

The first Mr Puppy UK, who held the title from November 2015 to December 2016, is Zentai Spot.

Zentai Spot's Title Year

Being the first, Spot had to set about forging his own path, and deciding his own direction for his year. Here are some highlights of what Spot was able to offer to the community during his title year:

Leather History Foundation Europe

Spot earned himself a place on the Leather History Foundation’s website, which aims to document the history of Europe’s kink and fetish communities. He’s only the second puppy title holder in Europe, so his is a prominent position! We hope this will help note the rapidly expanding development of the pup community, as well as preserve its history for future years.


Not long after being elected to the title, Spot gave an interview for online magazine sadOsam – a Swiss magazine, published in English, about the world of BDSM and its many facets, including pup play. This was his first chance to talk to the media and publicly about entering and winning the contest, about what a title holder might be able to do and what it might mean for him, and what might be next for him. He also gave some great advice for aspiring contestants to help encourage the next generation of pups.


Spot’s first major appearance as Mr Puppy UK was to represent the United Kingdom at the regional Mr Puppy Europe competition in Antwerp, Belgium, in February. This is held as a part of LeatherPride Belgium, one of Europe’s largest and best fetish events, and is the second annual contest. He did really well in the vigorous two-day contest, doing us all proud, and bringing home a Bronze medal. More than that, though, he showed them that British pups are a serious force on the scene, and he gave the Dutch and Belgian pups in the contest a really good run for their money.


We also managed to get a prime spot on national television – again! Channel Four, who first put pups on television with their 2015 documentary The Secret World of Tinder, produced a special documentary just about us: Secret Life of the Human Pups. They even decided to star Spot in it as our Mr Puppy! They filmed his journey from winning the first Mr Puppy UK election, to representing Britain in Mr Puppy Europe, and included his pup life as well as his personal life, and how they all integrate. It was a quirky yet compassionate look at the life of a pup, and we thought he did really well – especially as this was seen by millions and millions of viewers in the UK and Europe!


London Pride this year came at a difficult time, when our community felt a strong need for unity and togetherness. The country’s pup groups and organisations responded to this need by uniting as one combined pup contingent at London Pride – and leading that contingent was Spot, our Mr Puppy UK. Spot led all the pups and handlers and friends from across the country to an exciting and fun march. We even barked at a few dogs along the side of the parade route. We’re very proud of this, because it shows just how much good can be done by stepping forward and making a stand for the community – that’s what the title itself is all about.


Recon’s Fetish Week – London’s largest annual gathering of kinksters and fetishists – hosted its first ever pup event, Best in Show. Our Mr Puppy himself was invited to be one of the panel of judges! With more than a dozen entrants – ten pups and five handlers – across six different prize categories, Best in Show was one of the largest pup contests around, and Spot and the Mr Puppy Team lent their support to Recon to make it fabulous! In the end, Spot was invited on stage to present prizes to some of his fellow pups. Judging from the reaction by the men who attended the event, we’d say it was a pawsome success!


Ever since Spot and the pups took centre stage at London Pride and Fetish Week London, people have been talking about how prominent the pups have become – it’s as if the whole summer’s going to the dogs! Dirty Boyz magazine, the gay sex clubs and porn monthly magazine from the team at Boyz magazine in London, did a special feature on pup play for their August issue. With Spot, Brock, and Tyler on the cover, a full-page feature on Pride featuring the pups as well as an overview of how well and how rapidly the pup scene has been developing, and a comprehensive four-page special feature on the rapid rise of pup play and the role the Mr Puppy UK title holder is playing in it, they’ve really got us well covered! Spot’s really helping get the word out on this one.

Mr Puppy UK 2017 Contest

Spot was invited to join the Mr Puppy UK 2017 Contest as a judge on the judging panel, representing the pup community. This was Spot's chance to meet his successor, welcome him to the Mr Puppy family, and formally pass on his title! After an exciting and thoroughly outrageous contest, the judging panel elected Pup Piglet to the incoming title.

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