What We Do

Though we hold one annual contest when we elect our title holders, both the Mr Puppy Team and the Mr Puppy UK title holders are active year-round in the community, in various ways.

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What Mr Puppy UK Does

The Mr Puppy UK title is not a mark of status, and it is not an expression of who is a pup or who is a better pup. Especially, it is not a mark of anyone being in charge of anything. It is not a leadership position, and he is not the country's "best pup".

Mr Puppy UK does not lead or control the pup community, and he does not speak or make decisions on behalf of all pups. His role is to be in support of, not in charge of, the community.

What the title is, is a recognition of a commitment to serve the community. Mr Puppy UK is a community advocate and supporter above all else. He serves within, and makes positive contribution to, the Pups & Handlers community.

Some of the things Mr Puppy UK does include:

  • Supporting pup events and events with pup play spaces or which are welcoming to pups.

  • Working with organisers of large events and festivals, such as Pride or Leatherpride, to make sure those events cater for pups or have dedicated play space for pups.

  • Supporting pup societies, clubs, and organisations.

  • Supporting the people who make and retail pup gear.

  • Welcoming and encouraging others, reaching out to new pups, and expanding community outreach.

  • Encouraging the spread of useful information, such as on safety during pup play, and encouraging safe and healthy pup play practices.

  • And even simply encouraging and supporting others within the community.

All of these things are important, because all of the different people and organisations within our community are important. All of us make up the community together. What Mr Puppy UK does is to spend his title year offering what he can in service to others, such that the community is the more vibrant, fun, and active for it.

Mr Puppy Europe

Whoever is elected to the Mr Puppy UK title is also invited to compete at Mr Puppy Europe and represent the UK there! This is a fantastic opportunity to join pups and handlers and all sorts of kinksters from around the world at Leatherpride Belgium, one of Europe's largest and most successful kink and fetish events.

National Representation

Mr Puppy UK is often invited to act as a ceremonial representative for the UK's Pups & Handlers community, particularly at key events nationwide and internationally.

In this capacity, he ensures that the UK has a presence at these events, that UK pups and friends are included or visible, and that pups from the UK have access to these events. He flies our flag at international events where national presence is counted, and his performance at Mr Puppy Europe, Mister International Rubber, or International Mister Leather is counted towards the UK's cumulative performance in those titles.

What the Mr Puppy Team Does

The Mr Puppy Team is the team of volunteers that creates and executes the annual contest and administers the title election, and that supports and maintains the title throughout the year.

We do not control the title holder, nor do we determine how he will spend his title year. He makes his own decisions and sets his own priorities. We trust him to do what is right, and to decide for himself where his efforts will best be directed, according to his own personality and priorities.

We also do not promote or hold him in any position of leadership or superiority. He is not in charge of the community. He is a pup. The difference we acknowledge is that he has made a commitment to serve the community, and we support him as much as we are able to in fulfilling this commitment.

What we do for him is give him support and encouragement, find and create opportunities for him to serve, and assist him with his work. We create liaisons with clubs, societies, and organisations so as to make his job easier and more effective, and we show up when we can to be on hand for him when he makes appearances.

We also lead by example where we can, by showing up ourselves to support pup events, pup clubs and societies, and patronise pup-friendly retailers and manufacturers. Each of us tries to be the kind of person we would wish for Mr Puppy UK to be: someone whose efforts and presence brings joy to others.

We believe that it is important to recognise and acknowledge efforts made for the community, and individuals whose contributions make our community a better place. We believe in encouraging others to step forward and offer themselves in the same way.

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