Being Mr Puppy UK

Being Mr Puppy UK is a calling to offer yourself in service to others. It is a voluntary community service position. You'll have the opportunity to participate in a year's worth of exciting activities and events, at the forefront of the pup community, and to guide and reach out to pups all across the country.

It's also a LOT of fun!

In general, being Mr Puppy UK means working towards your vision for the community, with our help, and having fun doing so. You may focus on the areas of your choice, and advocate for the community as you see fit.

Being Mr Puppy UK also means you will be recognised internationally as a Mister, part of a global network of community advocates and representatives who work towards common benefit for the kink and fetish communities. You will be connected to this network, and they'll provide you support and encouragement to be the best you can be. The Misters support one another, and you'll find fast friends among the current and former title holders of all types and from across the kink and fetish community. Find out more about being a Mister and what that means for you.

It's hard work, and it's a lot of fun – and it could well be the experience of your life. Step forward and offer yourself, you never know how much you'll enjoy an experience like this!

Find out about the first Mr Puppy UK, Zentai Spot.

Find out about the second Mr Puppy UK, Piglet.

Find out about the third and current Mr Puppy UK, Buumi.

Find out about the fourth and current Mr Puppy UK, Trumpet.

Taking The Title Further

Current and past Mr Puppy UK title holders may, if they choose, take their titles further by competing in international Mister title contests. We support the candidacy of Mr Puppy UK title holders, past and present, in all of the following contests.

Mr Puppy Europe is your first opportunity! It is a Europe-wide regional contest for pups from across the continent, and the Mr Puppy Europe title holder supports pup organisations and events across Europe throughout his title year.

International Puppy and Trainer Contest is an international contest held in the United States for pups and handlers from across the world, with separate categories for those competing as pups and those competing as pup trainers or handlers. Their title holders often focus their efforts on Canada and the United States, and they do also participate in European contests and foster links between European and North America pup associations.

International Mister Leather is an American leather title contest, the largest and most influential in the world. IML title holders are among the most prominent advocates for the leather community, as well as related kink and fetish communities.

Mister International Rubber is an American rubber contest, also the largest and most influential of its type. MIR title holders work closely with leather and pup title holders, both in North America and in Europe.

Have I Got What It Takes?

It doesn't take much to become Mr Puppy UK. It mainly takes commitment.

There are no body type preferences, no age criteria other than being 18 years of age or older, and no specific gear sets required aside from protective gear. There are no nationality requirements. You can be any type of human pup: an alpha dog, the bottom of the puppy pile, a pack animal, or a lone wolf. You don't even need to fit any particular role. We welcome pack animals just as much as unique individuals.

You don't need a lot of experience being a pup. It's ok if you're new to it. It's equally ok if you're highly experienced and have grown and developed in new and different ways as a pup and beyond.

And it's not a popularity or beauty contest. We don't care about either of these things.

What we care about is who you are, and what you'd most like to offer the community.

If you're happy offering yourself for a year of full-on excitement in service to the community, putting yourself out there in a big way, and pushing yourself to have an incredible year – then come and join us!

So Should I Go For It?

If you'd like the opportunity to grow into a big role, one that will challenge and also excite you, then we encourage you to step forward.

If you're prepared to travel, to attend events, to be a visible and inspiring presence, to put yourself out there, and to live a big, exciting, and inspiring year, then we encourage you to step forward.

If you believe as we do in the pup community, then we encourage you to step forward.

If it seems daunting, remember that the title holder has the support and backup of the Mr Puppy Team. We'll be there with and behind you throughout your title year. If you'd like to know more about how we do that, why not ask one of the current or former Mr Puppy title holders, or read more about what we do for you here.