Being a Mister

When you become Mr Puppy UK, you become a part of something else: you become a Mister, one of the international advocates for and representatives of the kink and fetish community worldwide.

A "Mister" is an honorific title, bestowed by or on behalf of a particular community and usually for a period of one year, and its bearer is referred to as a title holder. Mister title holders generally represent their communities, as well as advocate for and support them. They volunteer their time to conduct outreach, raise funds for relevant charities or in support of community projects, organise events, lead contingents in festivals and parades, and pursue goals that are important to themselves as well as to their communities. In support of those who offer themselves in such service, and in furtherance of international cooperation, Mister titles are generally recognised throughout the world.

From its origins in North America in the 1970's, the global fraternity of Misters has grown over the past four decades to become a leading symbol of community service amongst Leathermen, Rubbermen, Pups & Handlers, and other aspects of kink and fetish. Though each is chosen according to the needs and preferences of his own organisation or society, and each fulfils his mission in his own way, all subscribe to part of a shared vision. International conferences, such as International Mister Leather and Mister International Rubber help bring them together and encourage the spirit of cooperation and service that forms the foundation of this vision.

Being a Title Holder

Being a title holder is a big deal. It’s a chance to be something greater than yourself: to be a representative and advocate for the community you belong to. You join a large and growing global brotherhood of Misters who share a common belief in the power of the individual to effect positive change and a common vision for a better world through the enjoyment of kink and fetish. That’s why the title is bestowed by a community, and that’s why the award ceremony includes other title holders. The International Mister Leather and Mister International Rubber contests may provide some guidance: it’s from them that we draw much of our own inspiration.

The title isn’t about you. It’s about what you can offer to the community, and about what you can do for others. You never actually own the title. What you own is what you do with it, what you accomplish, and what you give. That’s why when a title holder steps down after a title year and hands the title to his successor, it’s done with ceremony: the community celebrates him and his accomplishments, and welcomes a new title holder and his vision.

There is no fixed way to conduct yourself as a title holder. There’s no fixed look, or set of actions, or body type, or anything like that. Your projects are your own, and what you make of it is up to you: shine, as yourself. And more than anything, we want to see you step on stage at the end of your title year feeling exhilarated from having gone all out to have an incredible year as Mr Puppy UK!

Our National Title Holders

The United Kingdom has a number of national title holders who stand as representatives, community ambassadors, and advocates for various kink and fetish communities across the country. It is our mission to bring them together, so that Mr Puppy UK stands tall as an equal amongst distinguished and honoured peers.

Each of our national titles is elected annually by their respective communities. Find out more about who they are and what they do below.

Mr Puppy UK

Active since 2015, Mr Puppy UK serves the Pups & Handlers community. Because this community enjoys significant crossover with the Leather and Rubber communities, we seek continually to engage with these communities, and to invite them to engage with us. Pup play is for everybody, and everybody is welcome with us.

Brock, of the Mr Puppy Team, was one of the judges for this year's Mr Leather UK contest.

Mr Leather UK

Mr Leather UK stands as a representative of our nation's Leathermen: to inspire, to unite, to serve.

We are proud to have been working closely with the Mr Leather UK team and title holders since 2016. The Leather community has always had close links with the Pups & Handlers community, and we are honoured to have been able to invite Mr Leather UK 2014, 2016, and 2017 to judge our contests over the years. Additionally, Brock of the Mr Puppy Team competed for Mr Leather UK 2016 and 2017, and judged Mr Leather UK 2018.

Steven, the current Mr Leather UK 2018, was one of the distinguished judges for this year's contest.

Mr Rubber UK

Following a hiatus in which no title was awarded, Mr Rubber UK returned to the country in 2018 with a re-established election, and we look forward to ongoing close cooperation with the team and title holder for our friends in the Rubber community.

Chris, the current Mr Rubber UK 2018, was one of the distinguished judges for this year's contest.

Ms Puppy UK

2018 saw the launch of the country's first title for female pups, Ms Puppy UK. We are delighted to have been able to support them in this launch, and the Ms Puppy UK 2018 election was judged by our very own Mr Puppy UK 2015/16, 2017, and 2018. Mr Puppy UK supports our sisters at Ms Puppy UK, and we look forward to helping support them in the years to come.

Zentai Spot, Piglet, and Buumi of the Mr Puppy Team were judges for this year's Ms Puppy UK contest.

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