Mr Puppy Europe

Whoever is elected to the Mr Puppy UK title is also invited to compete in Mr Puppy Europe, the European-wide regional Pups & Handlers title held annually in February at Leatherpride Belgium in Antwerp.

Mr Puppy Europe is a regional title for pups from across continental Europe, and welcomes contestants from many different countries. His mission is to advocate for and support the Pups & Handlers community across Europe, and additionally to support Mr Puppy title holders in different countries to help their own local communities.

It is a key feature of the Mr Puppy Europe contest that pups from different nations work together towards a common goal, and in a common spirit of fraternity. Dutch and British pups have been working closely together from the very beginning, since the first contest, joined every year by more and more pups from more and more countries. We all believe that we are one family, and one community.

British pups have been involved with Mr Puppy Europe since its very beginnings, and the UK is proud to be a strong supporter of Mr Puppy Europe and its mission to advocate and support for Pups & Handlers across continental Europe.

Mr Puppy Europe IV: 2018

This year will be the fourth edition of Mr Puppy Europe, and the UK will be sending two pups to compete! Buumi and Nox Arcanine from the Pack of 2017 will be representing the UK in Antwerp, and the Mr Puppy Team is very proud of them both for stepping forward and offering to fly our flag in Belgium!

The Mr Puppy Team gives its full, enthusiastic support to our two British contestants, and whatever the result will be, we love them both!

Leatherpride Belgium and the Mr Puppy Europe contest will be held from 23-25 February 2018. For more information, please visit Leatherpride Belgium.

If any pup from the UK is attending and wishes to meet up with or join the British delegation, contact us! We're always happy to join up. The British delegation will be in Antwerp for the entire duration of the event. Look for us at Camp K9!


Please follow the Mr Puppy Europe Twitter account for official results and updates on this edition of the contest.

Mr Puppy Europe III: 2017

The UK sent a delegation to Antwerp in 2017 for the third edition of Mr Puppy Europe, led by Piglet as Mr Puppy UK 2017. This was the first time that more than one national Mr Puppy title holder joined the contest.

Piglet did us all very proud with a bronze medal as Second Runner-Up, bringing home the UK's second bronze and third medal overall!


Mr Puppy Europe 2017
Representing Belgium, Farex

Representing the Netherlands, Bentley

Second Runner-Up
Representing the United Kingdom, Piglet

Mr Puppy Europe II: 2016

The UK sent a delegation to Antwerp in 2016 for the second edition of Mr Puppy Europe, led by Zentai Spot as Mr Puppy UK 2015. This was the first year that the UK sent a title holder in this official capacity to the contest, and Spot was the first national Mr Puppy title holder from any country to compete at Mr Puppy Europe.

Spot did us all very proud with a bronze medal as Second Runner-Up, bringing home the UK's first bronze and second medal overall!

Spot's journey to Mr Puppy Europe was chronicled in the documentary Secret Life of the Human Pups.


Mr Puppy Europe 2016
Representing the Netherlands, Bjoyd
Prize and title were subsequently returned

Representing the Netherlands, Yuki

Second Runner-Up
Representing the United Kingdom, Zentai Spot

Mr Puppy Europe I: 2015

Launching the inaugural Mr Puppy Europe was a team of British pups which would later become the Mr Puppy Team. The UK sent its largest number of contestants to date to this edition of the contest: three British pups joined the contest this year.

Earning the country's first placement with a silver medal as Runner-Up was Brock, bringing home the country's first silver – the first, we hope, of many to come!


Mr Puppy Europe 2015
Representing the Netherlands, Kriszly

Representing the United Kingdom, Brock

Second Runner-Up
Representing Belgium, Wimpel

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