Mr Puppy UK 2017 - Piglet

The second Mr Puppy UK, who held the title from January to December 2017, is Piglet.

Piglet's Title Year

Piglet is the second Mr Puppy UK title holder, elected in September 2016 at the Birmingham Pup Social. He took over from Zentai Spot, to build on the good work done by his predecessor, then charted his own course for the community over his title year.

We couldn't be prouder of Piglet for having had a terrific title year! He made it his own, and he did a great job supporting pups across the country.

Sadosam Interview

Just like his predecessor, Piglet had the chance to chat with and talk about his experiences discovering pup play, what pet play is in general and means to him and what he intends to do as Mr Puppy UK. Read Piglet's interview to find out more about pup play and its relation to SM.

Alphatribe Magazine, issues 4 and 6

Piglet has been features twice in Alphatribe magazine. The first, in Issue 4, he joined a group of other pups in talking about the sex lives of human pups and are we as cute and innocent as we seem. In Issue 6, he was asked to interview the reigning Mr Puppy Europe: Farex. During the one-on-one, Piglet asked Farex about both EU competition, his upcoming projects.

Dirtyboyz Magazine

Recon’s Christmas event featured the biggest pup area that the organisers had ever made, being the main attraction in the centre room. Pup Piglet and the other wild hounds took full advantage of this and played up for the cameras, with photos and a full review of the event appearing in DirtyBoyz magazine and Piglet appearing on the front cover crawling out of a tunnel that looks suspiciously like… something else.

Pride Festivals
Hampshire, Birmingham, London, Brighton, Reading, Portsmouth, UK Leatherpride in Bristol

This year it was especially important to turn out for Prides. With far right powers making headway across the western world and extremists trying to scare us back into our closets, we needed to be out and proud and show that we would not be bullied into hiding or be bent into being gentrified to be more palatable to a mainstream audience. Piglet was proud to attend and march in Prides across the UK, big and small, and to see the reactions from crowds that only get more and more amazing as we become more visible.

Mr Puppy Europe

Piglet and the Mr Puppy Team formed the official British Delegation and travelled to Antwerp to compete in Mr Puppy Europe, competing against Mr Puppy Netherlands: Bentley, Mr Puppy Switzerland: Farex, Pup Makker and Pup Barka. Despite the gruelling demands of the two-day competition, the pups supported each other through out and when, after the mosh pits, obedience trials, talent shows and interviews, Pup Farex was elected to be Mr Puppy Europe, we were all proud of him and looked forward to supporting him through his reign. Bentley took home the silver medal for the Netherlands and Piglet took home for the Bronze, immensely happy with himself for pushing himself to compete and the reaction that his talent show portion got from the audience and judges. Piglet was the third consecutive representative of the UK to earn a medal in this contest.

Recon's Fetish Week London – Unleashed & Full Fetish

After last years “Best in Show” event for Full Fetish Week London, the Mr Puppy UK team were given the opportunity to create and host a bigger and better pup event: Unleashed. Taking place at Mile End’s Backstreet Bar, the event exceeding its turn out expectation and provided pups with both sexual and social amenities. Hosted by Piglet and Mr Leather UK, the event also featured both Mr Puppies NL and EU who joined in the fun. We hope to be invited back in 2018 to work our puppy magic again.

Piglet was also featured in the Fetish Week guide book, giving his two-cents about why he loves Fetish Week and what he’s looking forward to.

Outsiders Documentary

In summer of 2017, Piglet was contacted by Swedish television show “Outsiders”, which follows the lives of people who don’t live in the mainstream. After much communication, Piglet opened his home to a camera crew and shared his life as a human pup in a way that was more vulnerable than he’d ever been before. After spending two days in Portsmouth, both at his home and out at a picnic with fellow pup Flix, it was off to London to do some filming at the pup event “Pup Out” who had graciously allowed the cameras into their safe space so that the viewers could see what happens when pups unite en-mass before following us out on our “walkies” through the streets of London, which got a great reaction from onlookers.

GMA Charity Sports Day

Mr Leather UK 2017 Jamie invited Piglet to join his team for the GMA Charity Sports Day. The team, “Mr Leather UK and his Merry Band of Leathermen”, were there to raise money for a good cause and one that is dear to Jamie’s heart and to represent the fetish community at the event and raised over £1000 in donations.

The Prowler Awards

The Mr Puppy UK team were lucky enough to be invited to the Prowler Porn Awards, held at Club Fire in London to celebrate the porn actors who bring our erotic fantasies to life. A quartet consisting of two pups and two cats, we were there to provide a little colour to an already vibrant event, with the likes of Danny Beard, and Ms Pam performing and presentingas well as for Piglet to join Mr Hoist Rubber: Rob to help present the award to the best.

The Inaugural Mr Puppy France Election

The day after the Prowler Porn Awards, the Mr Puppy Team boarded the Eurostar to Paris to help elect the very first Mr Puppy France. Reuniting with both Mr Puppy Netherlands: Bentley and Mr Puppy Europe: Farex plus the addition of the newly elected Mr Puppy Italy: Zaush, this was the first time that so many Mr Puppies had been at the same event, with four going to five when Pup Matt was elected Mr Puppy France.

Manchester Rubbermen Weekend

Piglet’s first time visiting Manchester for the Manchester Rubbermen’s weekend of events also gave the Mr Puppy UK team to meet representatives from the area and lay the foundation for future Mr Puppy UK competitions to be held in the city. Needless to say that Manchester’s rubber community did not disappoint with 3 days and nights of events and we are ecstatic that we are able to have the Mr Puppy Competition be held there this year.

London Leather Weekend

This year we had many chances to have the pup community team up with the leather men. Starting in February, Piglet marched with Mr Leather UK: Jamie as part of a Leather group and the two would do so again, forming a joint Leather / Pup group for Reading Pride in September. Piglet has also been invited numerous times to represent the puppies in the leather community in various photoshoots and on the promotional posters for London Leather Weekend and the Mr Leather Spain competition. Huge thanks goes to Matt Spike, who is an incredible fetish photographer, and to the London Leathermen for getting the pups in on the action.

University Documentary on Pup Play

Piglet also worked with a group of journalism students at university, who were curious about pup play and decided to produce a micro-documentary about it - Puppy Love! Offering them a glimpse into life as a pup, Piglet showed them a thing or two about why we dress and play as dogs! He may have given them a bit more of a glimpse than they'd bargained for, but he certainly showed them how much fun it is, and helped them to understand what's special about pups.

Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2018 Contest

Piglet's final official engagement was to join as a judge for his year's contest, the third Mr Puppy UK election, representing the South as well as the Pup community. This way, he was able to return for one more appearance, to address the contestants and the audience for the final time as active title holder, and to present the title prize to his successor Buumi – and to give the guy a big hug to welcome him to the Mr Puppy family!

Find out more about Being Mr Puppy UK.