Mr Puppy UK 2018 - Buumi

The third and current Mr Puppy UK, who holds the title from January to December 2018, is Buumi.

Buumi's Title Year

Buumi is the third Mr Puppy UK, succeeding Piglet to the title, and he was elected on 2 December in Manchester at the election held at Kennel Klub, Club Collared, and Club Alert! Even before his title year officially began he was already out and about for the pups!

We'll be updating this page with some of the adventures he's having as Mr Puppy UK over the course of the year.

London Pup Munch

Even before his title year officially began, Buumi already made plans to do a range of pup events! His first was the London Pup Munch, a social place to encourage pups to come and meet up in a friendly and open environment.

The Dog House, Stoke-on-Trent

Buumi also made a point of visiting our friends up in Stoke-on-Trent for their regular Dog House pup event. They're a great place for pups in Staffordshire and the Midlands to meet up, and Buumi wanted to make sure that word got out that theirs is an event worth attending. He also wanted to make sure that pups across the country and in the various regions have options for places to go and meet other pups.

The Inaugural Ms Puppy UK

Buumi joined up with the newly-formed team dedicated to launching the UK's first title for female pups and handlers, Ms Puppy UK! Together with his predecessors Zentai Spot and Piglet, he judged the contest, and they elected Pepper as the country's first Ms Puppy title holder. Buumi and Pepper, as Mr Puppy and Ms Puppy, will be working together closely over the year to reach out to even more pups, and to help expand opportunities for pups across the country.

Leatherpride Belgium and the Mr Puppy Europe contest

Buumi continued the UK's history of support of the Mr Puppy Europe contest by joining the fourth edition, and leading the British delegation alongside his pack-mate from the Pack of 2017, Nox Arcanine. They were supported by the Mr Puppy Team, as well as a strong team of British pups who helped out and provided invaluable assistance and encouragement over the contest weekend. Both Buumi and Nox Arcanine did very well, and Buumi earned himself Second Runner-Up placement in the final results! Once again, British pups made their mark at Leatherpride Belgium, and helped ensure that the UK was included and represented well to our friends from all over the continent.

BBC Radio 5: The Emma Barnett Show

Together with representatives of the Mr Puppy Team and Puppy Pride, Buumi joined the Emma Barnett Show on BBC Radio 5 to discuss pup play! Their broadcast aimed to help with a general understanding of pups and pup play, and to introduce to a wider audience some of the common elements of pup play and gear. Emma even had a chance to ask about pup tails!

Chinese New Year: Year of the Pup

2018 happens to be the Year of the Dog (pup!) in the Chinese lunar calendar, so Buumi and the Mr Puppy Team joined the pups of Pup Out London for a puppy-themed Chinese New Year celebration! Featuring lunar new year treats and special themed prizes for the "Year of the Pup", the pups even went for walkies through Chinatown to take pictures and celebrate the lunar new year in style. The year of the dog comes once every twelve years, so the pups decided to go all out to make it festive and joyous. Gong xi fa cai!

2018 Prowler Awards

This year, for the third year running, the Prowler European Porn Awards – the highest-level awards ceremony of its kind in Europe – invited pups along to add some playful puppy fun to the evening! Buumi led the Puppy Prowler Rangers, alongside Piglet and Spot, on stage with Mr Pam and Chi Chi LaRue, during the awards. Not only did they look great on stage, but also – the pups made sure the actors behaved themselves! You can probably guess that Buumi was the Red Prowler Ranger...

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