Mr Puppy UK 2019 - Trumpet

The fourth and current Mr Puppy UK, who holds the title for this year until 31 December, is Trumpet.

Trumpet's Title Year

Trumpet's title year began on 1 January 2019. He's hit the ground running and has been very busy and active during his title year!

Trumpet chose to focus on national events and appearances across the country, and decided to spend his title year traveling to, supporting, and making more and more pups welcome at pup events, kink and fetish events, and Pride events across the United Kingdom.

Title Handover Ceremony

Buumi passed on the title on to Trumpet at a handover ceremony in January 2019. This was a neat way to bring people together, enjoy a fun afternoon, and mark the beginning of Trumpet's title year in style! We even held it at Club Scritches in Birmingham – the city where the Mr Puppy UK vision first began in 2015.

Newcastle: PawzOut

Right off the bat, Trumpet headed up north to visit our Geordie friends at PawzOut in Newcastle, a monthly pup event for pups and friends in the northeast. Together with Nox Arcanine from the Pack of 2017, he showed the pups how to score (or not) in a puppy obstacle course!

Belgium: Mr Puppy Europe 2019

Trumpet joined the British delegation to Antwerp, Belgium for this year's Mr Puppy Europe contest. Because Buumi joined as a contestant, Trumpet led a team of supporters to support and enjoy the contest, and to cheer the UK on. How very proud he, and the rest of us, were when the UK made history by claiming the gold medal and the title! Trumpet was spotted making notes on how he could do even better for next year, so let's cheer him on and hope he scores the UK our second gold medal in 2020!

Bristol: Mr Leather UK 2019 Judge

We at the Mr Puppy Team believe firmly that the different fetish tribes can achieve so much more when we work together. This year, continuing a precedent established by Brock, Trumpet joined the judging panel to help elect our new Mr Leather UK and make sure he knows that he has the Pups' support. Lucky enough, then, that a pup was elected to the Mr Leather UK title this year!

Birmingham: Club Scritches

Back to Birmingham once again, the venue for the title handover ceremony, and Trumpet joined Buumi to celebrate Club Scritches' first birthday! Scritches has grown into one of the country's best and most fun pup events, and Trumpet was there to give our full support to them.

Manchester: Manchester Rubbermen Weekend X

For the tenth edition of one of the UK's biggest and best fetish weekends, Trumpet headed north to Manchester to join MRMX. This event is a must-attend on many pups' calendars, and Trumpet spent a good deal of it celebrating fetish with the rubber pups!

London: Pup Out

Down to London, Trumpet joined up with the pups of Pup Out London and Puppy Pride for a day out in the city. Thanks to a combination of good weather and playful intentions, they were able to gear up and pup out in a park outdoors – because what dog doesn't love being outside?

Shut The Woof Up

Trumpet was invited to the Shut The Woof Up podcast, a podcast about pups and the pup community, by its chief barker Volka. They talked about what it takes to be Mr Puppy UK, so who knows – maybe the fifth Mr Puppy UK will be a STWU listener?

Hardon London

Cute and playful by day, but after dark...

Hardon London, one of the country's biggest and best fetish play nights, invited the Mr Puppy Team to their first ever Pup Night! Trumpet was joined by Kitty, Brock, and Spot to bring some canine flair to the night. We're told much fun was had, but...what happens in Hardon, stays in Hardon.

Newcastle: Howl!

Our Geordie friends up north have another pup event, and this time Trumpet went to pay them a visit too. Howl! is a fun gathering for pups from Newcastle and Tyneside, and Trumpet made a big splash there with a vibrating toy.

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