Title Expectations

There are a few rules we’ve set, and a few expectations we’ve established, in order that the Mr Puppy UK title contest be fair, and that the title be meaningful. It’s a fantastic opportunity, and we want to make sure you’re set up to make the most of it. These expectations are meant to help us help you.

In general, being Mr Puppy UK means working towards your vision for the community, with our help, and having fun doing so. You may focus on the areas of your choice, and advocate for the community as you see fit. We aren't here to tell you what to do: we're here to help you do good for the community, and to help everyone have a great time of it too!

What's expected from you

You’ll need to be at least 18 years of age as of the day of the contest, and living in the UK throughout your expected title year. You should not be a current Mister title holder, though past title holders are more than welcome to join. You can be any kind of pup you like – we welcome alpha pups, lone wolves, beta pack puppies, bottom pups and top dogs!

You’ll need to commit to twelve months of supporting the pup community, from January to December of your title year. How you support it is up to you. This will include a lot of publicity, which may include your face, and lots of public events. We’ll give you what support we can, and the rest is up to you. Not to worry, though, the events are a lot of fun!

You will be invited to Mr Puppy Europe, held in Antwerp, in February of your title year, representing the UK. This one’s important – it’s your chance to shine across the continent! You may hold fundraisers if necessary to raise funds for these trips, which you’ll do with our help and support. We’ll help you get there, and we’ll help ensure you’re well supported to do your best. You may enter the contest during your title year if you'd like to go for it straightaway and represent the UK on the international stage! If you feel you would benefit from a full year's experience as a title holder prior to competing at Mr Puppy Europe, then you may instead compete the next year after completing your title year first – the choice is yours.

We encourage you to support our sponsors. All of them are involved in the pup community, and they produce or retail the gear we enjoy as well as make the events we attend possible. They also donate their time and resources to the pup community and to creating and maintaining the title and its relevant events. None of this is possible without their support. Show them plenty of puppy love.

You’ll need to welcome and encourage other pups out onto the scene and into the community. This will range from the experienced pups who may appreciate new events and places to pup out, to the new pups who may be shy about appearing in public as pups and may need a friendly face and a helping paw to take their first steps.

These are just an overview of our broad expectations. They’re meant to help us deliver a focused and exciting contest, followed by a year of supportive encouragement and leadership by the title holder. And there’s room for discussion in many areas – they’re guidelines that are meant to help, and when in doubt, talk to us and we’ll see if we can sort something out.

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