The Contestants

Find out more about the contestants who joined the contest – the Pack of 2017!


There are a few important criteria that apply to pups who would like to join the contest:

You may be of any nationality, and you must live in the UK. Anywhere is fine, and you don't need to be British.

You must be over 18 and identify publicly as a human pup. You're welcome to identify as anything else as well. Furries, hybrids, other animal role-players, and kinksters into leather, rubber, neoprene, or other fetish interests are welcome, as long as you're a pup!

You will be invited to join the Mr Puppy Europe contest, held annually in Antwerp in February as part of Leatherpride Belgium. Make yourself available for that – it's a terrific event and it's loads of fun. It's also your big chance to represent the UK as our country's official candidate, and to be a part of the British delegation to Leatherpride Belgium! In 2018, Mr Puppy Europe runs from 23-25 February.

There are no qualifying criteria for experience, body type, kink and fetish preferences, or pup type.