Information for Contestants

Here is where we will publish useful information for contestants joining our contest. As always, please contact us if you have any specific questions.

Contest Schedule

Here's the schedule of events for contest weekend. We can't wait to welcome you!

The contest takes place at BarPop, at 10 Canal St, Manchester M1 3EZ.

For our guests coming in from out of town, BarPop is a short walk from Manchester Piccadilly Station. If you are arriving in Manchester by air, there is a regular train service from the airport to Piccadilly Station.

Need accommodation near the contest venue? We recommend the ibis Manchester Princess Street hotel, which is approximately ten minutes' walk from the contest venue.

Welcome Reception

The contest will open on Friday 5 October at 19:00 at BarPop. We will welcome and register all contestants at this time, as well as welcome our guests and friends. If you are joining the contest, please remember that you must report in person for registration in order to participate in the contest.

19:00 Welcome and Registration of Contestants
19:30 Introductory Speeches by the Mr Puppy Team
20:00 Contestant Interviews
23:00 Closing Speech by Buumi, Mr Puppy UK 2018

Contest Day

On Saturday 6 October, doors will open at noon at BarPop. Come in and let's start the contest! Contestants need to report to the team at this time to get ready for the Opening Ceremony.

12:00 Doors open to welcome guests and contestants
13:00 Opening Ceremony, First Act, and Introduction of Contestants (downstairs)
14:00 Contestant Presentations to Audience (upstairs)
15:15 Puppy Mosh (downstairs)
16:00 Second Act and Contestant Performances (upstairs)
16:30 Break and Audience Vote
17:30 Final Act, Closing Ceremony, and Prize Presentation

The contest itself will run from 12:00 to 18:00. It will begin with an Opening Ceremony at 13:00 conducted by our fabulous hosts Vivienne Lynsey and Piglet. Here's where you'll get a chance to meet this year's contestants and get to know them and what they have on offer! The Opening Ceremony will be downstairs at Kennel Klub.

Towards the end of the contest, all guests will be given the opportunity to vote for the contestant of their choice. Your vote counts! Make sure you're on hand to cast your ballot, since you'll be helping to elect the fourth Mr Puppy UK.

At the end of the contest, there will be a Closing Ceremony conducted by our fabulous hosts once again, and a Prize Presentation where the Team will present prizes to the contestants. All contestants who took part on contest day are invited to join the Prize Presentation, because we have something for everyone! All of you get something from us and from our generous sponsors, because you love you all.

After the Prize Presentation, stay and celebrate with the incoming Mr Puppy UK 2019 and the rest of your friends and the contestants. It will be a terrific night, and we look forward to partying with you all!

The schedule is subject to change as the contest progresses, and we'll adjust according to contest requirements as necessary.

Reporting for the Contest

Every contestant will need to report to us in person on Friday 5 October at 19:00 at BarPop. Even if you've registered online, you still need to report in person on Friday evening.

When you report to us in person, we will confirm your interview in the contest, give you your contestant number and welcome pack, and go over the contest requirements with you then. That's also a good time to ask us anything you'd like to ask about what's coming up. We will check your identification prior to issuing your contestant number, so please bring an appropriate piece of ID: driver's licence, passport, national identity card, or UK Armed Forces identity card. We do not accept PASS cards.

Don't have a passport, or haven't held one before? Find out more about applying on the UK Government website.

On Contest Day

We recommend all contestants make themselves available for the full duration of the contest. Contestants not present for the Opening Ceremony may not be considered for prizes, and contestants not present for the Closing Ceremony may not be awarded prizes.

Your interview will be on Friday evening from 20:00. This will be done one on one. Whilst you are awaiting your interview, please remain within the bar area and vicinity, and be readily available for your turn. It is each contestant's responsibility to attend his own interview. If you have not yet been interviewed by 22:00, please alert Kitty immediately. There are seven placements in the contest on Saturday, which will be allocated based on your performance in your Interview: we may not be able to give a place in the contest on Saturday to any contestant who, for any reason, was not interviewed on Friday.

Please bring appropriate protective gear, which must include kneepads and some pup gear at a minimum. You are encouraged to gear up according to your personal preferences, in the material of your choice: leather, rubber, Lycra, and neoprene are all welcome, and you may come fully or minimally covered as you wish. Frontal nudity, or complete nudity, is not permitted at any time during the contest. You will have opportunity to change at the venue, prior to the start of the contest rounds.

During certain parts of the contest, you will not be allowed to wear hoods or masks. At other times, you will be allowed to. You will need to be comfortable showing your face.

There will be breaks during the contest. Use them to get something to drink or eat when you need to.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the Prize Presentation at the end, regardless of contest placement, as there are prizes available to all contestants (regardless of progression) and we cannot present a prize to one who is absent from the Prize Presentation ceremony.

Award of Prizes

Every contestant is important to us, and every contestant is acknowledged. We do not declare a contest winner. That's because ours is not a contest to find a "best pup".

We award prizes according to fixed criteria published in advance, but there are no winners or losers in the Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2019 Contest. Really. You'll all go home with something good! And you're all equally awesome in our eyes for stepping forward to compete and join the contest.

Please ensure that you collect your welcome pack upon registration, and that you are present during the Prize Presentation for any prizes you may receive. We cannot hold onto any of them for you.

Prize Presentation

We expect to conduct our Prize Presentation on Saturday at 17:30. If you are a contestant, make sure you're there. We will acknowledge ALL OF YOU, because all of you are equally important.

If we've allocated a prize to you, and you are not present at the Prize Presentation, we may award it to another contestant instead. We can't hold on to prizes for absent contestants.

If a medical or otherwise urgent situation occurs that necessitates your premature withdrawal from the contest, speak to Kitty as soon as you can, or ask someone to relay a message on your behalf and he'll do his best to arrange something for you.

Find out more about Being a Contestant.