Information for Contestants

Here is where we will publish useful information for contestants joining our contest. As always, please contact us if you have any specific questions.

Contest Schedule

Download the full contest schedule here.

The schedule is subject to change as the contest progresses, and we'll adjust according to contest requirements as necessary.

Prior to the Contest

If you registered online prior to 9 November, you should have received four emails from us giving details of what to do prior to, and during, the contest. Please contact us if you have not yet received them.

If you have provided us music to use during your Performance, then we will arrange for it to be played when you take the stage. If you have not, you may use any available music from the DJ at the time, if you wish.

Welcome Reception on Friday

You're invited to attend our Welcome Reception on Friday 1 December from 7pm at REM Bar. Here, we will formally open the contest, and welcome everybody to our host city Manchester. Have a drink, chat with your friends and fellow contestants, meet the judges and the team, and enjoy a fun and social evening together with us!

Prior to the Welcome Reception, the Manchester World AIDS Day Partnership will be holding a Vigil and Rededication of the Beacon of Hope in Sackville Gardens, which is just across from REM Bar. Our reception will begin after the Vigil and Rededication, so that those of you wishing to participate may freely do so. Find out more on their Twitter account.

REM Bar is located at: 33 Sackville St, Manchester M1 3LZ

Reporting for the Contest

When you report to us in person, we will confirm your place in the contest, give you your contestant number and welcome pack, and go over the contest requirements with you then. That's also a good time to ask us anything you'd like to ask about what's coming up. We will check your identification prior to issuing your contestant number, so please bring an appropriate piece of ID: driver's licence, passport, national identity card, or UK Armed Forces identity card. We do not accept PASS cards.

If you have not registered online, but come on contest day and wish to participate, then if we have a space in the contest available for you, you're more than welcome to sign up on the spot!

Reporting will be at BarPop: 10 Canal St, Manchester M1 3EZ

On Contest Day

Please bring appropriate protective gear, which must include kneepads and some pup gear at a minimum. You are encouraged to gear up according to your personal preferences, in the material of your choice: leather, rubber, Lycra, and neoprene are all welcome, and you may come fully or minimally covered as you wish. Frontal nudity, or complete nudity, is not permitted at any time during the contest. You will have opportunity to change at each venue, prior to the start of the contest rounds.

There are two components of the contest in which you may not wear a pup hood or mask: for your opening presentation on stage at the beginning, and during your private interview. At all other times, you may wear a pup hood or mask if you wish to.

There will be breaks during the contest. Use them to get something to drink or eat when you need to.

There will be plenty of time for breaks, free play, socialising, and mingling during each Part of the contest, so you're free to enjoy yourself and have a great time as you wish. It's a celebration weekend – and we want you to have an awesome time!

Your final presentations will be done on a raised stage in front of an audience. If you need equipment, including rubber matting, then please contact a member of our team who will advise you on this. You are generally responsible for bringing and setting up your own equipment, if any.

If you're using a Handler during your final performance, he doesn't need to register with us – he can simply turn up and assist you.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the Prize Presentation at the end, regardless of contest placement, as there are prizes available to all contestants (regardless of progression) and we cannot present a prize to one who is absent from the Prize Presentation ceremony.

After the Prize Presentation, you're welcome to enjoy Club Alert! for the rest of the evening. Relax and enjoy yourself – you've earned it!

Pup Handler Challenge

Anyone wishing to take part in the Pup Handler Challenge during Part Two is welcome to step forward at the time and present himself. No pre-registration is required – just make yourself known to a member of our team and you're in! Prizes awarded during this round will be given out during the Prize Presentation at the end of the day.

You'll have a chance to demonstrate your talents on a pup of our choice, so even if you are not accompanied by a pup of your own, you're more than welcome to step forward and give it a go!

Award of Prizes

Every contestant is important to us, and every contestant is acknowledged. We do not declare a contest winner. That's because ours is not a contest to find a "best pup".

We award prizes according to fixed criteria, but there are no winners or losers in the Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2018 Contest. You'll all go home with something good! And you're all equally awesome in our eyes for stepping forward to compete and join the contest.

Please ensure that you collect your welcome pack upon registration, and that you are present during the Prize Presentation for any prizes you may receive. We cannot hold onto any of them for you.

Find out more about Being a Contestant.