The Pack

To emphasise community and family, we consider all contestants to be a part of The Pack for that year. What's The Pack? It's what we call it when we consider you as family!

Every contestant who steps forward to join each contest is special. Why do we say that? Because it takes courage, and commitment, and a genuine desire to offer something to the community to step forward and offer yourself for a contest such as ours.

Everyone who joins the contest each year becomes part of something greater: you're part of a large and growing community of pups and handlers who believe in being pup with a sense of joy and fun, and in encouraging and inspiring others.

Regardless of contest placement or prize distribution, everyone who joins the contest each year becomes a part of The Pack for that year – you're one of us, and we're happy to have you belong!

The Pack of 2015

For our very first contest in 2015, we welcomed seven contestants! We were thrilled so many pups came to support us and to enjoy a day pupping out and competing for the UK's first new title. Filling the contest day with a range of activities, including a dog agility run and a series of freestyle performances that included sniffing out chocolate buttons and stand-up comedy, we were impressed at how much fun everyone seemed to be having. What a way to begin something special and new!

Presenting The Pack of 2015, as assembled in Birmingham!

Official contestant photography provided by Archie Alpha.


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