Online Registration

Online registration for this year's contest has finished.

Registration declares your intent to compete: it does not confirm a place in the contest. Your place in the contest will be confirmed once we've received and had a look at your registration application. There are limited places in this year's contest, and we may not be able to offer a place to all applicants.

The registration process this year will be different. We will invite pups to register their intention online here, and also to produce a two-minute video of a community project they would like to undertake as Mr Puppy UK, should they get the title. The video will be shared with the Mr Puppy Team, and you are encouraged also to share it with your friends on social media. Whatever your project is can be something meaningful to you, that you would like to do in 2019 for the community, and which the title holder will have the support of the Mr Puppy Team to do. Exciting, right?

The Application

In the online application, you'll be asked to give details of who you are. If you have a personal profile on the Puppy Pride website, or if you use other social media for your pup personality, you'll be asked if you'd like to share them with us. We won't be sharing your application data with anyone else: it's just for the Mr Puppy Team to process your registration application.

The Video

Your application video should be about two minutes long. You can upload it to YouTube if you like and send us the link, or you can send us the video file directly.

In this video, please introduce yourself: tell us who you are, tell us that you'd like to become Mr Puppy UK 2019, and talk about the community project you'd like to undertake should you get the title. Make the project the focus of the video, as if you're presenting it to a gathering of pups and friends. Imagine that it'll be shown during the contest, and film it accordingly.

Talk about what the project you propose will be, and why it's important to you. Talk about how you feel it would be of benefit to the community, and why you think it would be a great thing for pups to support. You can go into detail about how you will execute it if you like, but you don't have to: the video is intended as an introduction.

You can be geared up if you like. If you're wearing a hood or mask, make sure your voice or any audio can be heard nice and clearly, as sometimes audio from within a mask can sound muffled. You can do a voiceover, or you can speak directly for the camera, whatever you feel appropriate.

The Community Project

So what's this community project all about?

It's basically your way to give back to and support the community by doing something big, fun, and impactful. We aren't here to tell you what to do: we're here to support you in doing what's meaningful and important to you.

The community project can be anything of benefit to the community, and should be something achievable that can be done at reasonable cost. It should should support the Pups & Handlers community first, then the Kink & Fetish community, and finally the LGBT+ community; and it should be held or performed in the United Kingdom.

The deadline for contestant registration this year is 7th September 2018.

So What Now?

Come and join us in Manchester on contest weekend! It'll be fun, and you'll get a chance to meet the contestants as well as lots of other pups and friends. If you join us for the contest, you also get to vote for the contestant of your choice, so bring your friends and show your support!

Find out more about what's happening on contest weekend itself.

Find out more about Being a Contestant.