Online Registration

Register for the contest online here!

Registration tells us you're interested to join the Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2018 Contest as a contestant, and compete to become Mr Puppy UK 2018. It also tells us more about you, and helps us plan for the contest itself. If you haven't yet got your ticket for the contest, they're available at our EventBrite page – please make sure the name on the ticket matches the name you register with.

Registration does not guarantee a place in the contest – contest places and contest order are allocated to contestants from 10am on Saturday 2 December upon reporting to us in person. If you've registered online, you'll be given priority in allocating contest places, and we'll be better able to ensure you're properly represented and supported during the contest.

Why does registration not guarantee a place in the contest? Because we recognise that some of you may change your minds closer to the contest day (or even on the contest day itself), and that's ok – we will accommodate as much as we can, in a way that's fair to everyone.

If you're unsure about what's required and what's involved, why not have a chat with one of the team first? Follow our Twitter at @MrPuppyUK and have a chat with us there, and we'll be happy to help.







Please ensure that the fields marked ( * ) are filled in.

We'll contact you after submission with more information regarding your online registration.

Which city in the UK would you choose to represent?

Each contestant is given the opportunity to represent one part of the UK! It can be anywhere you like: where you were born, where you grew up, where you've lived, or where you feel a strong attachment to. It's more for fun than anything else.

Pup Life

This has no bearing on the contest. It's for fun and for us and the audience to get to know you. Pick anything you like that you feel best represents you!

Social Media

Please include at least one social media account. If you haven't got one yet, why not register for one of these? They're great ways of meeting new pups and connecting with your pup friends.


We'll use this to help find and plan pup events in various places for the Team to visit. If there's a particular part of the UK you'd like to focus on, then that's great – we'll work with you on that!