Join As A Guest

Anyone who is welcome at our host events is welcome as a guest the Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2018 Contest!

If you'd like to come to play, meet friends, watch the contest, support your friends in it, or just be with the pups, you're welcome to come as a guest. You don't need to participate in or watch the contest, and there will be the regular programme of activities apart from the contest, as well as plenty of opportunities to see and mosh with your friends.

Because this is a special event, we have agreed on a combined ticket that includes admission to all three host events: Kennel Klub, Club Collared, and Club Alert! This combined ticket is offered at a lower price than regular admission to our host events, because this is a special occasion and we want as many of you to be able to come as possible. Tickets also include the ability to compete to become the third Mr Puppy UK, as well as inclusion in the audience participation components of the contest – you'll get to help the contestant of your choice in the contest.

Enter The Contest

If you'd like to enter the contest, we'd love to welcome you!

Contest information will be published to our website a few months prior to the event. You'll need to be on hand from 10am on Saturday 2 December, and the contest is expected to run until after midnight – in other words, you'll be attending Kennel Klub, Club Collared, and Club Alert! You'll need to be present for, and participate in, all contest components.

You will need an event ticket first, like all our guests, and once you've done that, you'll be able to register when online registration opens. There is no deadline for online registration.

Registering online tells us that you're interested, and helps us help you get ready for the contest. It does not guarantee a place in the contest, though it does help us plan for the anticipated number of contestants. Because of time and space constraints, we are limited in the number of contestants we can accept, and we use online registration to give us an idea of how many we need to aim to be able to accommodate.

All contestants must report in person on the morning of the contest, which is when contest places and positions will be allocated. Those who have registered online will be given priority placement allocation. We'll give you your contestant packs then, as well as detailed information as to the contest and the timings for the Opening Ceremony at Kennel Klub.

If you're in Manchester early, plan to spend the Friday evening with us – we'll be having our welcoming reception then, and you can get to know the other contestants as well as your hosts and judges! We'll also be having our farewell on Sunday morning, with a meal together and some opportunities for visiting the Canal Street area and seeing your friends.

Online registration for contestants is now closed.

Find out more about The Contest.