Contest Format

Here, we will announce information about this year's contest format.

Each year the contest format changes, because we believe it's important to keep the format current and do our best to give you an excellent contest. This year's contest will therefore differ from last year's.

The one main constant is that we always strive for excellence in the format and presentation of each year's contest.


On Friday evening, all contestants are invited to be interviewed by our panel of judges. This interview is where the judges will get to know each of you, and find out more about your intentions for the fourth Mr Puppy UK title. The interviews are friendly, conducted privately, and done individually so that each of you has a chance to present yourself in a relaxed manner to our panel of judges.

If you are unable to attend your interview, we may not be able to offer you a place in the contest on Saturday.

There are seven placements available in the contest on Saturday. Seven contestants will be selected based on the interviews for these placements, and this will be according to your interview scores. We'd love to offer everyone a place in the contest who wants one, and because of time and space constraints we can reasonably accommodate seven of you.

Contest Rounds

There will be two main opportunities for you to present yourself to your friends in the audience on Saturday: your Introduction, and your Performance.

Your Introduction is a short speech which you'll make in front of the audience. This is your opportunity to let everyone get to know you, and your plans for your title year, should you get the title. It's also a chance for people to find out what's special about you and your unique personality. This round isn't assessed directly.

Your Performance is a short performance of any type, done alone or with one Handler or assistant, to music of your choosing which you'll submit prior to the contest. This round is assessed directly, and is counted towards your final contest score.

Prize Presentation

At the end of the contest, all contestants and participants in the contest are invited to our Prize Presentation, where we will give out some prizes and announce the election of the fourth Mr Puppy UK. Regardless of placement, all contestants will be invited on stage for a final acknowledgement, because ALL CONTESTANTS are special.

The contest will be big. And it will be challenging. And it will be exciting. That's our way of helping to make this a really incredible weekend for you.

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