Contest Format

Last year's election took place at the Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2018 Contest, an exciting weekend filled with pups! We teamed up with Wruff Stuff so as to be able to bring you a bigger and better contest, and that means there was some very cool Wruff Stuff stuff for the contestants!

The Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2018 Contest was a series of activities, or "rounds", held over a day of friendly competition. Each round was different, and each was meant to allow you to show one part of your personality, and one part of who you are as a pup. Some of them involved you presenting yourself to your friends in the audience, some involved pupping out and interacting with others, and some involved you showing us what you can do.

Overall, the contest gave you a chance to let everyone get to know you and who you are, make friends with pups and handlers from across the UK, learn more about being a pup and about who you are as a pup, and play a role in shaping and contributing towards the pup community. All in a fun, supportive, and friendly way.

The contest took place over a full day, across three different venues, so as to help more people be a part of this incredible experience.

Part One: Your Puppy Personality
Kennel Klub

The opening ceremony and the first set of contest rounds will take place at Kennel Klub, Manchester's place for pups and friends and now one of the largest pup events in the country. Here, you'll have a chance to present yourself to your friends and supporters, and you'll get to show your fun and playful side!

This part of the contest will be for the group-based components of the contest. We're looking for how you present yourself as a pup, your pup identity, how you play as a pup and interact with others, and how much of your personality shines forth when in pup space. There will be two group-based rounds: Obedience School, and Puppy Mosh.

In Obedience School, you'll be invited to learn and perform a few fun puppy tricks with our resident Pup Handler. There may even be treats in it for you if you perform well!

In Puppy Mosh, you'll be invited to mosh on the floor with whoever you like! This is a free mosh, and anyone is welcome to join, whether competing or not.

What you'll need to prepare: a one-minute introductory speech of yourself to the audience. You can say anything you like about yourself. This presentation must be delivered without a hood or mask, because we need to see who you are.

Part One of the contest has a capacity of twenty contestants. All contestants given a place in the contest upon in-person registration are invited to participate in this part.

This part of the contest is worth one-fifth of the overall score.

Part Two: Your Role In The Community
Club Collared

The second set of contest rounds will focus on you and your role in the community. Here, you'll have a chance to present your more serious or disciplined side, as well as to let the contest judges get to know you much better.

This part of the contest will be for the audience-participation and interview components of the contest. Your friends and supporters will be able to vote for you here. This is also where we'll conduct the interview, which is the most important part of the contest. We're looking for how you present yourself as a leader, your likability, your charisma, and your motivation for joining the contest and aspiring to be Mr Puppy UK. We're particularly looking to discuss the vision you have for yourself as a title holder, what you would like to offer the community, and how you would like to contribute.

What you'll need to prepare: nothing specific. Just come to the interview prepared to be yourself and let us get to know you better!

In addition, this part of the contest will feature a round of activities for Pup Handlers. Any of our ticketed guests are welcome to step forward and give it a try! You'll be given a chance to show your skills at handling pups and encouraging them to perform in front of an audience. There will even be a prize for the Pup Handler with the best performance!

The ten highest scoring contestants from Part One will progress to the interview stage at Part Two. All other contestants will be invited to join our Pup Handler round: you can either let the Handlers from the audience try their skills on you, or step forward as a Handler yourself and see what you can do with the pups!

This part of the contest is worth three-fifths of the overall score.

Part Three: Your Stage Presence
Club Alert!

Finally, the third set of contest rounds and the closing ceremony will focus on you being at the centre of attention on the stage! Here, you'll be able to show off what's special or awesome about you, and to demonstrate your own particular talents, in a freestyle format. This is also when we will announce the final results and elect the third Mr Puppy UK for 2018.

This part of the contest will be for the public performance component of the contest. This one's all about you! We're looking for your confidence, your stage presence, how well you can hold and entertain an audience, and how you project yourself publicly and at the centre of attention.

What you'll need to prepare: a two-minute freestyle act, of anything you like that's pup-related, either solo or with one Handler of your choice. This can be anything at all, and is your chance to impress the judges and the audience!

The five highest scoring contestants from the interview stage at Part Two will progress to the performance stage at Part Three. All other contestants will be invited to join the audience for the final performances and the prize presentation at the end. Everyone, regardless of contest placement, is invited to join the prize presentation.

This part of the contest is worth one-fifth of the overall score.

Prize Presentation

At the end of the contest, all contestants and participants in the contest are invited to our Prize Presentation, where we will give out some prizes and announce the election of the third Mr Puppy UK. Regardless of placement, all contestants will be invited on stage for a final acknowledgement, because ALL CONTESTANTS are special.

There will be a special prize given based on the audience vote in Part Two: Puppy Congeniality, a fun gift for a pup selected by all of your friends and supporters in the audience.

We will also give out a prize for the Pup Handler round from Part Two, to acknowledge and encourage our Handler friends to keep up the good work with the pups!

Finally, we will announce the top three placement prizes: the 2nd Runner-Up, the Runner-Up, and Mr Puppy UK 2018.

The contest will be big. And it will be challenging. And it will be exciting. That's our way of helping to make this a really incredible weekend for you.

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