How The Contest Is Judged

Mr Puppy UK is not elected during a beauty pageant, or a talent show, or a Crufts demonstration. He is not elected for his gear, or his looks, or his popularity. He is for his leadership, charisma, motivation, willingness to serve, and ability to work with and inspire others, in a friendly contest that emphasises that we are all one pack.

The Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2019 Contest is a friendly points-based competition. Each contest round earns contestants points, based on fixed criteria. All scoring is positive, and each contest round is weighted differently according to its relative significance.

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The Panel of Judges

The contest is judged by a panel of judges and leading figures in the community, each carefully chosen and invited to come and judge the contest. Each judge's scores are weighted equally. They lend their experience, wisdom, and insight to the election, and they also represent that it is the community – not the organisers or sponsors – that legitimises the title, and that it is the community which the title holder serves.

The panel of judges is led by an Adjudicator. The Adjudicator in charge of the panel is from the Mr Puppy Team, but does not assign scores and is officially neutral, and neither the Mr Puppy Team nor the sponsors have any input into how contestants are adjudicated. His role is to oversee the contest judging and to ensure that the contest is judged fairly.

The Adjudicator is assisted by a Tally Master. His role is to verify and check that all the judges' scores are calculated correctly, and to verify the final calculation of contest scores and placements. Like the Adjudicator, he is officially neutral and does not have any input into how contestants are adjudicated.

The Audience Vote

There is one component of the contest which is open to the audience: each guest who attends will be given the chance to vote for the pup of their choice. This will count towards the contest result itself, and each member of the audience receives one equal vote. This way, every pup who takes part, be it as a spectator or guest or simply a friend of the pups, helps to choose and elect the fourth Mr Puppy UK!

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