Our Panel of Judges

For this year's Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2018 Contest, and to help elect the third Mr Puppy UK, we've invited a panel of judges from across the world to adjudicate the contest. We are proud to stand together with our friends from the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America, and from the Pups & Handlers, Rubber, and Leather communities.

The panel of judges is one of the most important elements of the contest. Each judge has a different background and represents a different region or interest within the community.

The work of the panel of judges is what decides the outcome of the contest. The Mr Puppy Team is officially neutral. Find out more about how the contest is judged and what the judges do.


Multi award-winning porn star & director

Representing the Host City Manchester, Manchester Rubbermen, the North, and the Rubber Community

Sam Barclay is a proud pup, prominent face in the UK rubber scene, heavily followed & established porn star and superstar director & owner of UKHotJocks. He's got more than a few treats in his bowl, it's a wonder he has time to do everything he does! Sam is of the core team of guys who founded and run the Manchester Rubbermen. Putting together their rubber bar-crawls and other events including the exponentially growing annual MRM weekends, which raise thousands of pounds for charity each year and makes Manchester a worldwide rubber destination. Sam has been pupping around for about 8 years, answers to the name Barkley and loves cute, blonde handler boys to play with. One half of UKHotJocks he's brought a seriously impressive and premium porn brand into the UK adult scene, also making the freshest, filthiest kink and rubber clad movies of recent times. Sam is very excited that Mr Puppy UK has come to his home town of Manchester and honoured to be part of the judging panel.


Mr Puppy UK 2017

Representing the South and the Pup Community

Piglet has been involved in the world of kink and fetish for many years but first became part of a community when he started pup play, becoming enamoured with the different aspects and styles of the human pups. In 2016, Piglet won Fetish Week London’s pup competition “Best in Show” which spurred him on to compete for and achieve the title of Mr Puppy UK 2017 later that year and then compete at Mr Puppy Europe in Antwerp, bringing home the bronze. Piglet has run on the principle that pup play is for everybody, no matter gender, age, body type or gear collection as well as being vocal against kink shaming. He has also used his title to get more exposure for the pup and pet play community, appearing on stage for the Prowler Porn Awards, writing articles for Alphatribe magazine and marching in Pride parades in London, Brighton, Reading, Hampshire and Birmingham. Piglet has also appeared on two documentaries on Pup Play; the French tv show “Tracks” and the focus of an episode of Swedish show “Outsiders”. Piglet is known for being cheeky and a shameless show-off, as anyone who has met him or follows his Twitter or Instagram can attest. He lives with his boyfriend of 4 years in Portsmouth, is a self-confessed gym addict and loves being behind and in front of a camera.


Mr Leather UK 2014

Representing London and the Leather Community

On 14 March 2014, Avi went on to take the Mr Leather UK 2014 title, then following on from a number of other UK title holders he represented the UK at IML 2014, coming in the top 20. His interest in fetish was sparked after watching a film, over 15 years ago in South Africa, about the leather scene in San Francisco. On that day a seed was born and a realisation that his interests were a bit more unconventional than his fellow friends. The first piece of leather he acquired was a waistcoat during a visit to London. A year later he moved to the UK and began to expand & explore his interest in leather. He has been fortunate to attend a variety of leather and fetish events around the world, and has formed close ties with other fetish communities such as the BLF in Germany. Over these many years he has made close friendships and connections. The driving force in his life has been to find meaningful connections, friendships and to feel part of a part of a larger community. He feels very privileged to be part of the creation of a new role model for the fetish and puppy community.


Mr Puppy Netherlands 2017

Representing Europe and the Pup Community

Bentley has been around our scene for a good three years, first at smaller events and later on also bigger. Most of you will have seen Bentley on Twitter, Facebook or in real life during his trips to the UK over the past year. He marched with the London Pride March and hosted Unleashed at Fetish Week London together with Mr Puppy UK and Mr Puppy Europe.  Bentley is the kind of pup that takes a bit of time for everyone and thus is usually behind on his own schedule, which annoys him.  As Mr Puppy Netherlands, he also competed in Antwerp for Mr Puppy Europe 2017, earning runner-up and a silver medal.  Bentley is very active for both his own as the international community, which is why you can see him in the UK regularly as well as around Europe.


Mr Leatherman Toronto 2016

Representing North America and the Leather Community

Jeremy Feist is a pro-dom from Toronto, Canada. As Mr Leatherman Toronto 2016, Jeremy helped raise thousands of dollars for the charity Rainbow Railroad, gave educational workshops for queering power, donated his hair for cancer patients, and advocated for gender non-conformity in the men’s leather community. With his partner, Paul Argo, he helps organise events like Kink 101 and The Black Eagle Kennel Klub’s Pup Night in Canada, and personally oversees the Black Eagle Toronto’s Gear Night, Home Turf. Jeremy is a testament to the fact that you don’t need to win a title contest to do great things for your community... Because God knows he couldn’t win a contest to save his fucking life.

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