Our Panel of Judges

For this year's Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2019 Contest, and to help elect the fourth Mr Puppy UK, we've invited a panel of judges from across the world to adjudicate the contest. We are proud to stand together with our friends from the United Kingdom and Europe, and from the Pups & Handlers, Rubber, and Leather communities.

The panel of judges is one of the most important elements of the contest. Each judge has a different background and represents a different region or interest within the community. They bring with them their own perspectives, as well as their own experience.

We believe strongly in one greater community. That's why we have such a broadly diverse panel of judges. Three of our five judges are British, and three of our five judges are pups, representing that Mr Puppy UK represents British pups foremost and in majority. Two of our judges are international, representing that we are closely connected to the global family of pups and to our pup friends in Europe. Two of our judges represent the Leather and Rubber communities, representing the ongoing and close partnership and cooperation we believe is essential with these communities. All judges are title holders, representing that it is the community which legitimises the title and it is the community which welcomes the incoming title holder into the family.

The work of the panel of judges is what decides the outcome of the contest. The Mr Puppy Team is officially neutral and does not score contestants in any way. Find out more about how the contest is judged and what the judges do.

We will be introducing this year's panel of judges here soon.

Find out more about The Contest.