Our Panel of Judges

For this year's Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2019 Contest, and to help elect the fourth Mr Puppy UK, we've invited a panel of judges from across the world to adjudicate the contest. We are proud to stand together with our friends from the United Kingdom and Europe, and from the Pups & Handlers, Rubber, and Leather communities.

The panel of judges is one of the most important elements of the contest. Each judge has a different background and represents a different region or interest within the community. They bring with them their own perspectives, as well as their own experience.

We believe strongly in one greater community. That's why we have such a broadly diverse panel of judges. Three of our five judges are British, and three of our five judges are pups, representing that Mr Puppy UK represents British pups foremost and in majority. Two of our judges are international, representing that we are closely connected to the global family of pups and to our pup friends in Europe. Two of our judges represent the Leather and Rubber communities, representing the ongoing and close partnership and cooperation we believe is essential with these communities. All judges are title holders and community representatives, representing that it is the community which legitimises the title and it is the community which welcomes the incoming title holder into the family.

The work of the panel of judges is what decides the outcome of the contest. The Mr Puppy Team is officially neutral and does not score contestants in any way. Find out more about how the contest is judged and what the judges do.

Presenting the panel of judges for the Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2019 Contest!


Mr Leather UK 2018

Representing the South and the Leather Community

On 16 March 2018, Steven was awarded the title of Mr Leather UK. He has been part of the leather community for almost two decades and is extremely proud to have the honour of representing his leather brothers and the further LGBT+ communities. Steven’s interest in leather and fetish was ignited when he was given a vintage leather jacket during his early teens. As soon as he wore the jacket, he knew which way his sexual interests were headed. Growing up in Cornwall, Steven found it somewhat difficult to make fetish connections but with the persistence of wearing leather out on the somewhat limited Cornish gay scene, he soon made a small group of likeminded fetish friends. Moving to the Southeast in 2003 to pursue a theatre career, Steven soon discovered the leather scene and made many connections and lifelong friends. He has been lucky enough to travel throughout the UK, Europe and the USA to attend many fetish events and he currently enjoys his further travels while representing and promoting the UK leather community and raising funds for his chosen charity, Survivors UK. One of Steven’s proudest achievements to date, is being a founder member of Leathermen South in his new home town of Brighton. He feels honoured to be part of the judging panel of this year’s Mr Puppy UK election.


Mr Puppy Belgium 2018

Representing Belgium and the Pup Community

Andron Pup became the first Mr Puppy Belgium in 2018, chosen from a field of 5 candidates. It’s still very moving and he feels still very proud to be able to represent the community for one year. Andron has been active as a pup for 5 years and maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He developed his one style and image and is more and more being recognised when he goes out, or comes into contact with other communities. In Belgium, he is also invited to get to know the other communities better like, Rubber men, Leather men, and the Bear community. The Pup community in Belgium is still small but this is something Andron pup wants to be growing. Together with other pups from inside and outside Belgium we like to show that being a pup is more than a mask, it’s part of yourselves and we like to be as a pup an example to other pups that are not that far or having problems with coming out. Being a member of the UK election jury is an honour and he looks forward to meet the community in UK, to meet the candidates and handlers and to speak and nuzzle with all of you. On behalf of the pups of Belgium, Andron wishes all the participants in this year’s election success.


Mr Rubber UK 2018

Representing London and the Rubber Community

Chris has the honour of being elected Mr Rubber UK after the title being on hiatus for the past couple of years. Though he has only been carrying the title for a few months, he has already got to meet many amazing and interesting people, and is looking forward to the opportunities for the year ahead (such as judging Mr Puppy UK). He has been an active and proud member the fetish scene for over a decade: his primary interest has always been rubber but he as enjoyed leather and some pup play. He is looking forward to learning more about the pup scene over the next year and helping to strengthen the links between the rubber and pup scenes.


Mr Puppy Europe 2018

Representing Europe and the Pup Community

Ouaf! I'm Pup Matt, a 3 years old pup and a 30 years old Human. I leave near Paris. I have been Mr Puppy France 2017 and I'm since last February, Mr Puppy Europe 2018. As pup, I see myself as a shiba inu : Independant, enthusiastic, playfull, not that easy to train, but with the right method I can perfectly behave. In term of kinks, I describe myself as an experimentalist : I like to try new things, I'm a blue Pup and an Orange kinkster. As title holder, most of my "job" is to travel to meet pups, support pups event and positive initiatives about puppy play. Of course, being titleholder means also helping new pups to pup out and give them some contacts or some advices. I don't see myself as an example, as we have all, our way to be a pup, as no bio pup behaves like another one.


Mr Puppy UK 2018

Representing the Midlands and the Pup Community

A certified good boy – or so we are told! A playful sporty pup that grew to also love being both a leather and rubber pup, his time as titleholder has been spent travelling both in the UK and Europe: meeting some amazing pups on his travels and taking time to understand the amazing pup diversity and variety of events found in these various towns and cities. He was also able to setup an event in Birmingham with a little bit of help from a couple awesome pups. It continues to grow month on month, with new ideas planned well into 2019.

2018 may be coming to an end but his journey is only really starting and his hope for the future is to be around helping and supporting you all for many years to come (After all the Mad King Buumi lived to at least 112).

Buumi is the third Mr Puppy UK, and the current and outgoing title holder. As such, he has joined the panel of judges to bring the experience of holding the title for the past year to the contest, and to help contestants understand what it means – and what it takes! – to be an effective title holder. Having represented UK pups since the beginning of the year, Buumi has been a visible face for the community. In addition, he became the fourth UK pup to earn a placement medal at the Mr Puppy Europe contest in Antwerp, following Piglet, Zentai Spot, and Brock. Buumi will be lending his wisdom and judgement to the contest, and will help welcome the fourth Mr Puppy UK to the scene!

Buumi will be presenting the title sash to his successor, the incoming Mr Puppy UK 2019, and welcoming him to the family. It's been a tradition of ours for the outgoing title holder to welcome the incoming title holder-elect!

Zentai Spot

Mr Puppy UK 2015

Representing the South and the Pup Community
Adjudicator for the Contest

Zentai Spot became the very first Mr Puppy UK in 2015, and as such, he paved the way for all of his successors to make their mark in the community! With a title year filled with events and contributions, including numerous appearances on television and in magazines and newspapers, Spot certainly brought Pups & Handlers forward and helped to increase recognition for our community. Additionally, he was the second pup, after Brock, to take home a placement medal from Mr Puppy Europe in Antwerp, continuing what would become an ongoing and as yet unbroken tradition of British support for and achievement in that contest.

Zentai Spot returns to the contest – this year as our Adjudicator! As such, he is responsible for the panel overall, and leads the panel of judges in judging the contest. Spot does not directly assess any of the contestants, and does not give any scores: his job is to ensure the contest judging overall is fair, transparent, and conducted to a high level of integrity. Additionally, he oversees the judges themselves to ensure all judging is fully aligned to contest rules, and makes sure any conflicts of interest with contestants are declared prior to the contest, so that all judging is fair for all contestants.

Spot is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all contest results, the fairness of contest adjudication, the resolution of questions or disputes, and the integrity of the scoring system.


Representing London and the Pup Community
Tally Master for the Contest

Bolt’s love affair with kink began at an early age, when he used to tie himself up in secret and be a fan of superheroes and comic book heroes in bondage. He progressed from Lycra to neoprene, and finally to tight and shiny rubber. Today, he's perhaps best recognised as the rubber dog on Recon's homepage. An ardent believer in the importance of events to the community, he’s been lucky enough to travel the world as a rubber dog, attending events in places from New York to LA, Vancouver, Chicago, Seattle, and across Europe. He lives with his long-term partner (and owner) in London and Berlin, and is blessed with a wide group of friends there and all over the place. Bolt continues to develop, and is also a rubberman, gimp and, more recently, a drone. Contact him via pupbolt.com.

As Tally Master, Bolt's role is to verify and ensure the accuracy of the judges' scores, and to ensure that all scores are calculated correctly. He supports the Adjudicator by adding an extra level of verification, so that contestants and audience members can be confident that all scoring is correctly and accurately calculated and recorded.

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