Scoring System

The Wruff Stuff Mr Puppy UK 2019 Contest is scored with a points-based system, with each contestant receiving a numerical score.

It is our priority to offer a scoring system that is robust, transparent, and fair, in a contest conducted with integrity. The contest uses a points-based system built around fixed criteria. We publish its details in advance, so that everyone knows exactly what is scored, what the judges are looking for, and what is emphasised and sought. Each judge scores each contestant individually, and each judge's scores carry equal weight.

There are no penalties for making mistakes: it's ok to make mistakes, what's important is that the audience gets a good feeling of who you are. There are no points for looks, or body type, or age, or pup type. There are no points for gear. There are no points for appearance at all.

What we are looking for is all inside: it's all about who you are, not what you look like.

Most contest points, and half of the assessment, come from a private interview with our panel of judges. All scoring is positive: points are awarded, never deducted. All interviews are positive also: the judges look for reasons to recognise your talent and award you points. Find out more about how the contest is judged.

When the audience is asked to vote, each member of the audience is given one equal vote, which they may cast for the contestant of their choice.

If you're joining us as a contestant, we'll tell you everything in advance about what is scored in each contest round. You'll find all of that information here when we release it. That way, you can feel confident in preparing yourself for a fun day at the contest!

Contest Rounds and Scores

There are three contest rounds which will be scored, plus an Audience Vote, which will make up your final score. Each round is scored by each judge, and each judge's score carries equal weight with all the other judges.

All scoring is positive. The judges are looking only for reasons to award you points, never to deduct them. There are no penalties or deductions. Their role is to look for what's good about you, and to evaluate that.

What the Judges Are Looking For

For your Interview and Performance rounds, and for your Interaction score, judges have been asked to score you based on specific criteria, each of which is listed below. They will draw upon your entire interview to award you your Interview score, they will draw upon your individual performance in its entirety to award you your Performance score, and they will consider their entire experience of you throughout the contest to award you your Interaction score.

Each judge will give you a numerical score for each criterion based on his own evaluation of how well he thinks you fare in each criterion, and the criteria are then simply added together to make the final total.

Our judging philosophy is that we look for the good in each contestant. The judges have been asked to look for evidence of positive qualities, leadership potential, and inspiring personality traits. They'll be asking you questions to elicit evidence of these good qualities, and they'll be observing your performance and interaction with a specific eye on each criterion they're assessing.

You don't need to be perfect, and you don't need to pretend. Be yourself: we want to get to know the real you. That's what the judges will be looking for.

Round One: Interview

The first round to be scored will be your Interview, held on Friday 5 October in the evening. This will be an individual interview with our panel of judges, done in a relaxed and friendly manner.

The judges will be looking for five qualities during your interview, and will be giving you a score on each of these qualities. All five qualities are weighted the same. They are their assessment of these qualities:
1. Leadership (10%: your ability to get things done effectively)
2. Vision (10%: what you intend to do for and offer to the community)
3. Motivation (10%: why you're joining the contest)
4. Charisma (10%: your ability to influence and inspire others)
5. Personality (10%: your ability to thrive in the role of a title holder).

The Interview counts for 50% of your final score.

It is based on the result of your Interview that the panel of judges will choose seven contestants to join the contest on Saturday. They'll make this choice entirely based on your interview scores, with your Video scores being used if a tie break is necessary.

Round Two: Performance

The second round to be scored will be your individual Performance, held on Saturday 6 October in the afternoon. This will be your short performance to music of your choice, if you wish, done on your own or with a Handler or assistant.

The judges will be looking for three qualities during your performance. They are their assessment of these qualities:
1. Engagement (10%: your ability to engage with your audience effectively)
2. Confidence (5%: how confidently you carry yourself when in front of an audience)
3. Presentation (5%: how well and how comfortably you present yourself)

The Performance counts for 20% of your final score.

Round Three: Interaction

The third round to be scored will be your social Interaction. Unlike the Interview and the Performance, this isn't judged based on a single contest round. Instead, the judges will be observing you throughout the contest, and will be looking for the ways in which you interact well with others.

The judges will be looking for two qualities for your social interaction. They are their assessment of these qualities:
1. Conduct (10%: how you as an individual conduct yourself, both as a human and as a pup)
2. Sociability (15%: how you conduct yourself in relation to others, and how well you function in groups)

Your Interaction counts for 25% of your final score.

Audience Vote

On Saturday, everyone in the audience will be invited to cast their ballots for the contestant of their choice, and these will form your Audience Vote score. Every member of the audience, excluding judges and team members, will be invited to cast one equal vote in the contest.

Your Audience Vote counts for 5% of your final score.

Introductory Videos

When you registered, you were invited to submit an introductory video. These will be given scores as well, which will become your Video score: half of your Video score will be tallied from the "Likes" your video received on social media, and the other half of your Video score will be the judges' impressions of your videos. There are no specific criteria for assessing the videos: each judge is invited to use his own perspective to judge according to his own personality.

Your Video score does not add to your overall contest scores. Instead, it is used as the tie break, in the event of a tie.

Tie Breaks

If there is a tie in the final scores, then it is your introductory video submissions that you sent in with your registration which will break the tie. The Adjudicator will make the call in this case, and his decision is final.

Publication of Scores

We will not be publishing individual contestants' scores.

If you would like to know your score, you may speak to the Adjudicator privately after the contest (not on contest day itself: anytime from Sunday onwards). He won't be able to tell you which judge scored you which way, as the judges' scores are strictly confidential, but he will be able to tell you overall how you performed.

You may also ask the judges after the contest if they've any feedback for you. They're here to help you, and they're very friendly, so if you'd like to know how you might be able to improve, please ask! They can't give you your specific scores, but they can give you feedback and comments on how you did.

Find out more about The Contest.